Andrea Cummings, B.A.P.S.Y.

July 25, 2021 | tagteamdesign

Andrea has experience as a leadership mentor and coach for students from an array of backgrounds, developed herself in diversity and inclusion, and is currently on a team founding an organization that empowers young adults.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology & Communications from Regis University, Associates of Psychology (B.A.P.S.Y.), and recently graduated with a certificate in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Human Capital Development from the University of Denver. She has joined Compass Rose International because she truly believes in and is inspired by the journey of people discovering their worth, power, and radiance. From Venezuela, she has been in the United States for 7 years and she enjoys spending time with her husband, cooking, dancing, animals, reading, connecting with people, facilitating meaningful conversations, and music.



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How Travel after High School Can Help Shape Your Future

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