Susan Beane

July 1, 2021 | Katie Hilborn

Susan Beane Hamilton is a visionary entrepreneur and leader who has created an impact across multiple industries. As the founder of Red Fox Partners, she oversees a portfolio that includes the platform Wholesome Food Services and the innovative IT solutions provider, Red Fox Global Group.

At Red Fox Global Group, Susan spearheads a comprehensive suite of IT solutions, catering to the diverse needs of large corporate clients. From telecom cost reduction and network optimization to cutting-edge digital twin technology and analytics, her company sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

Driven by her passion for student health, Susan pioneered Wholesome Food Services, revolutionizing the way private and charter schools manage and facilitate food distribution. Dubbed the "DoorDash for Schools," this software platform connects educational institutions with local, regional, and national restaurant partners, ensuring access to nutritious meals for students nationwide.

Susan’s track record of success extends beyond entrepreneurship. As the EVP of Commercial Sales at Dispersive Technologies, she built a cybersecurity sales organization. Prior to that, she achieved remarkable growth as the founder and President of ReView Video Services, Inc., leading the company to become the videoconferencing industry’s largest distributor globally within a remarkably short timeframe. ReView received numerous industry awards including being recognized as the fastest growing privately held company in Illinois by Crain’s Chicago Business Journal, a Stevie award, and Polycom Top Worldwide Distributor.

Throughout her career, Susan has been deeply committed to giving back to her community. She co-founded a school-based nonprofit organization to enrich the arts and technical education of children and served as the Chair of the Health Advisory Council for Douglas County Schools for five years.

Susan continues to make a difference as a board member for Compass Rose, addressing significant challenges of teen mental health and child trafficking.

Susan lives in Castle Rock, Colorado.



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