Imagine a world where you are living your


happiest & most outrageous dreams!




You are confident in your intuition, and you have an insatiable passion that fires up your purpose and reason for being!



Imagine you are a leader connecting to your true self and receiving

guidance to help you create a life of your own design.

Be Notified of Next Retreat

May & June 2023, Colorado

*More dates & locations coming soon 


If your soul has been calling; you have found yourself at the

right juncture. This is a calling for you to step into your full grace, and harmony, with all

living things. This is a calling for you to step into your brilliance.

Benefits of Joining our Retreat


decrease in stress, anxiety,

& depression


improvements in feelings of wholeness & belonging


taking active steps to create a better world for themselves & others


better communication with parents and family

Values + Skills Learned

Leadership Skills

Better Communication

Finding your Passions + Purpose

How to Source your Power Within


Team Work

Making a Difference


Sample Activities

Nature Walks + Exploration

 Dream Portal Journeys

Virtual Reality

Creative Art Projects

Yoga + Meditation

Campfires + Friendships

Role Playing



Monday Night


Check into your accommodations between 4:30-6:00pm, relax and unwind.  This is a good time to reflect on your goals for the retreat.  It is important that you get a good night’s sleep so that you are ready to begin in the morning!



Night Ceremony: Campfire, Intention Setting, Fire Releasing Ceremony, & Dream Journey




Morning Yoga & Meditation


Workshop 1: True North & INpowerment


Integration Activity: Dream Journey


Workshop 2: Archetypes & The Masks We Wear


Workshop 3: Body Health w/ Guest Presenter


Integration Activity: Nature “Walkabout” + Art Activity


Night Ceremony Campfire & Dream Journey





Morning Yoga & Meditation


Workshop 4: Mind Health w/ Guest Presenter


Workshop 5: Spirit Health (Purpose + Ikagai) w/ Katie Hilborn


Integration Activity: Dream Journey


Integration Activity: Nature “Walkabout” or Art Activity


Workshop 6: Create Something that Matters


Check out around 7pm


Enjoy 2 Nights & 3 Days in the

Magnificent Rocky Mountains


Coming Spring and Summer 2023


Retreat Cost: $333 Investment

*Includes food, shared accommodation, and all activites

Expert-Led Retreats

Our diverse group of teachers and mentors has decades of experience of transformation teaching and coaching, and working with youth; many of them are leaders in the growing field of mental health, mindfulness education, and leadership.

Mentors and chaperones are additionally trained in trauma-informed care and a certified social worker or therapist is on-site for the duration of the retreat.

Full biographies for retreat teachers and mentors can be found on the in the “About” section. In order to work for Compass Rose International, all teachers and mentors are evaluated through an application process and must undergo a background check.