Through experiential programs, our students are reminded of how powerful they are. And with the tools they receive, no one can take that away from them.

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"It’s confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures."

-Oprah Winfrey


unaccompanied children brought over the American border annually

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unaccompanied migrating children are caught by cartels and exploited through child pornography and drug trafficking

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trafficked in the U.S. are immigrants




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Kelis Young

Some of my challenges and struggles were Communicating and making new friends. I think this is a really good place for me to feel like I belong and feel like somebody cares for me and is a part of my life. I like meditation a lot. It’s open my mind till the start of my first night.


I’ve got a lot of messages that I really don’t know I should know.  It’s a good way for girls to come together and realize they have coping mechanisms to work on their self confidence and to know what issues they are going through.

Aria Johnson

I got interested in the Compass Rose retreat because I heard about it from a friend and when we looked it up, my mom and I decided it looked really fun and like a great opportunity for me to learn more about myself.


I’ve definitely learned a lot here about self-confidence and that all starts with you and how you perceive yourself and handle yourself. And it’s not about what other people think.

Te'Aira Payne

On some challenges that I’ve experienced before the retreat is just kind of like balancing life work life school life kind of everything. I don’t have the time to just sit and take a deep breath and meditate so I feel like this retreat will help me figure out the tools to find the time.


I’ve definitely felt like I’ve started to gain a new sense of self. I’ve learned how to get deep into lucid dreaming and stuff like that which is something that I’ve never actively tried to do before.


Compass Rose International uplifts young women vulnerable to child trafficking and mental health challenges, providing tools for resilience, confidence, safety, and independence.


  • The accelerating unrest and daily trauma of living in the United States in 2024 has placed a spotlight and a premium on our mental health. No matter race, age or circumstance, all of us struggle to remain happy, healthy and mentally prepared to take on the never-ending challenge of our time.
  • Coloradans are struggling with their mental health. More than one in four people reported poor mental health in 2023. That’s the highest number the CHAS has ever measured, but statistically unchanged from 2021.
  • Younger adults reported the most serious mental health challenges, with more than a third of respondents between ages 18-50 in poor mental health. But children’s mental health struggles continued to grow.
  • Colorado has put serious effort into improving access to mental health care. But the need for care continued to overwhelm the system.
0 %

Coloradans are struggling with their mental health.

0 %

Coloradans children ages 5-17 had poor mental health.

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Coloradans could not get the mental health care they needed in 2023.



[Study Tips] Boost Your Focus, Boost Your Power!

Hey girls! Ever feel like staying focused is an impossible task? You're not alone! Whether it's homework, extracurricular activities, or even just chores, staying on task can be tough. But guess what? There's a super simple study techniques that can help you boost your focus and power through your to-do list. Let's dive into the Pomodoro Technique and why it's a game-changer for teens like you and will help you learn how to study effectively.

Katie Hilborn



Stop Empowering Women: How INpowerment Unlocks Your True Potential

Have you ever heard the words "empowerment" and "INpowerment" and wondered what they really mean? Let's dive into these concepts and see why INpowerment is the key to unlocking your true potential and finding your True North, while empowerment just doesn't cut it.

Katie Hilborn



Smart Money Moves: A Teen’s Guide to Building Financial Aid Independence

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, the lives of successful athletes can offer a beacon of inspiration for teenagers navigating the tumultuous waters of adolescence. Beyond the victories and records, these sports stars exemplify qualities that extend far beyond the field, court, or track. Let's explore some of the best famous sports stars who not only excel in their respective sports but also serve as positive role models for teens seeking motivation, resilience, and a path to success.

Katie Hilborn



Our startup accelerators & retreats build a solid foundation by establishing a healthy mind-body-emotion connection, leadership skills & communication, and discovering purpose to start something that matters.


We support our students with scholarship opportunities and walk them through the application process.


Earn easy scholarships through in-powered living.


Are you 25 years old or younger and live in Denver, interested in connecting within, and looking for scholarship opportunities? Then you’re in the right spot.


Enter to win by completing our Compass Rose Program. No essays, no GPA requirements, and no recommendations

Donate to support a
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Become a corporate
scholarship partner


We work with your school to place those we serve in a meaningful internship rotation, and we work with prospective employers within the chosen career field for job placement right out of college.



Mental Health Awareness: Breaking the Silence

Mental health matters, and it’s time we talk about it openly. Many people face mental health challenges, yet the stigma surrounding these issues often prevents them from seeking help. By spreading awareness, we can create a supportive community where everyone feels safe to share their struggles and seek the support they need. Let’s break the silence, educate ourselves and others, and show compassion to those dealing with mental health issues. Together, we can make a difference. 

Remember, it’s okay not to be okay, and help is always available.

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