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Chances are, if you've made it this far you truly care about making a difference. Yet, giving a donation just doesn't seem like enough sometimes. Thankfully, there is actually another ​great way for you to help our charity - you can fundraise for us!


What will you do?


And you don’t have to be a professional fundraiser to raise money. All you need is passion and dedication! What will you do?
  • Donate your birthday or holiday! Create a Facebook fundraiser or host an evening with friends at your home, restaurant, or bar. Ask your friends to make a donation to Global Orphan Prevention instead of bringing gifts.
  • Set up a Crowdfunding Campaign. Crowdfunding is an online fundraising platform allowing donations from a large number of people, usually tailored to showcase specific projects or causes. 
  • Perform a Personal Challenge. You may of heard about people shaving heads, running marathons, or dyeing their hair once they’ve met a specific fundraising goal. Brainstorm different ways that you can mobilize donors.
  • Organize a Garage Sale. Get rid of clutter, invite neighbors to donate their unwanted items to the cause!
  • Throw a Party. Brainstorm fun and creative ideas. Perhaps a costume party? Ask guests to bring a donation in lieu of food.
  • Favorite us on eBay. When you sell on eBay, you have the option of donating the “fees” to us! Try it here.
  • Host a Bake Sale. Ask for friends and family to donate their favorite baked goods and host the sale at a church, work, or school event. Donate the proceeds to Global Orphan Prevention.

Ready to get started?

Contact us with Fundraising Ideas & Questions

    Did you know you can host a fundraiser on Facebook?

    Facebook fundraisers make it easy to support friends, family and the causes that are important to you such as:
    No fees for donations to most nonprofit fundraisers and low fees for personal fundraisers.
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