“When we started Compass Rose, I was just tired and mostly focused on getting by. How I’ve changed is that I started checking in with my health, both physical and mental. I now make sure that what I am doing is working for me.”
-Scholar #1

“The biggest impact for me is mostly with the way I think about change. Compass Rose helped me with mind practices so I could deal with the changes in my life. I now see where all my negative energy was coming from. I can now channel my inner thoughts, and I think my teachers have been able to see a big difference.”
-Scholar #2

“I think back to the first meeting, and I realize I was in a weird place. Over time, I grew as a person and focused on positive thoughts and not the negative ones. I see now that my thoughts are like a pattern. Sometimes I’ll fall into a deep and negative abyss and that is where I was at the beginning of Compass Rose. But you all helped pull me out of it. Normally my depression would last a lot longer, but Compass Rose has helped me become more mindful and positive. My family has noticed that I am more open and positive.”
-Scholar #3

“Before coming to this group I was negative. I either judged myself or judged others. No matter what was going on, I would have something bad to say about it. But now, I am looking for the positive in life. I feel a lot better; not only with myself, but with others.”
-Scholar #4

“It [Compass Rose] has taught me to check-in with myself and to make sure I am doing the right thing for me. If I need to, I can change what I am doing. Compass Rose helped me step outside of my comfort zone by engaging with things I wouldn’t normally do; I now extend that to find something I enjoy.”
-Scholar #5

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