November 2-5, 2023

We are not here to empower people.

To empower someone is to first view them as powerless then become the source of their power. Instead, we believe in in-powerment. The knowledge that we are already powerful and our true power comes from within.

An understanding that we are already powerful. We grant our own power, right, or authority. It’s the knowledge that true power comes from within and does not exist outside of us (Compass Rose Intl.)

The act or action of empowering someone or something : the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties (Merriam-Webster)



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Increase of youth suicide in the past decade alone

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Recent college graduates are underemployed in their first job out of college

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Believe that they are not good enough or don't measure up

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Compass Rose International inspires young women to connect to their greatest potential, dreams, & passions.

Our programming gives them a means of calibrating back to their True North and to show up, unapologetically as purpose-driven leaders.

We believe Compass Rose programs transforms lives, which transforms community.

The Compass Rose Philosophy

As magnetic beings, sometimes our compass becomes unbalanced. We find ourselves scared, lonely, or not sure of our direction in life. Things don't seem to be working out in our favor. What we sometimes forget is just how powerful we are. We were born with all the answers already inside; and somewhere down the road, through conditioning and programming, we lost that direction. A Compass Rose is the process of calibrating back to our True North, which isn't outside of us. It's found by going within and being in alignment with our true selfs, and through this idea of INpowerment.

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Compass Rose believes a woman’s true power comes from within herself. We aspire to give every young woman the tools she needs to find her own true North through educational programming designing to inpower her to improve her own life and the community around her.


Compass Rose develops and implements educational programming in the community designed to provide young women the tools they need to embrace their internal power.

2021 & BEYOND

Compass Rose drives a movement in which all young women rediscover their true North and cultivate the tools to continually recalibrate throughout their lives to maximize opportunity and growth potential to better their lives and their communities.

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