Board Member's Spotlight: Susan Beane

Board Member’s Spotlight: Susan Beane

Susan Beane Hamilton is a member of the Board of Directors for Compass Rose International. She grew up in the Chicago area and attended the University of Illinois in Champaign. She founded Red Fox Partners, a certified WBENC technology company providing solutions for corporate clients as well as a food platform for educational institutions.

From a very young age, Susan was exposed to the value of helping others. When she was just four years old, her family fostered a Native American child named Ricky, who lived with them for three years. This experience left a lasting impression on her, deeply ingraining the importance of service to others. It marked a profound shift in her perspective, instilling a lifelong commitment to compassion and support for those in need.

Throughout her career, Susan has been deeply committed to giving back to her community. She co-founded a school-based nonprofit organization to enrich the arts and technical education of children and served as the Chair of the Health Advisory Council for Douglas County Schools for five years.

Susan continues to make a difference as a board member for Compass Rose, addressing significant challenges of teen mental health and child trafficking.

What do people often thank you for?



What do you see as your place or purpose in life? How did you come to that conclusion?

My purpose is to make an impact in areas that are meaningful.  

What's your favorite aspect about being on the Board of Directors and volunteering? and what are your current duties?

My favorite aspect is fundraising strategy and supporting Katie with messaging. My intention is to work on corporate outreach.  

If Compass Rose International were to be on the cover of your favorite magazine in five years, what would the story be about?

The story would be about materially helping girls and young women with examples.  

What do you feel have been the important successes in your life? The frustrations?

My success stems from visionary entrepreneurship, notably founding Red Fox Partners and leading innovative ventures like Wholesome Food Services. As a seasoned executive, I’ve driven notable growth in companies like Dispersive Technologies and ReView Video Services, Inc., all while remaining dedicated to community enrichment through nonprofit involvement and advocacy work. There are always challenges in any business and mine are no exception.  

What would be your advice to younger generations about learning causes, getting involved, and doing something about it?

I have told teen audiences make a difference with at least one passion in your life. Work to clean a lake, help underprivileged, save a species…something!.  

What do you wish everyone knew about this cause?

I care about mental health and trafficking of young women because every young woman deserves to be safe And treated with respect and kindness so that she can reach her full potential in life and contribute to her community and the planet. That we create a lot of impact on a very tight budget.  

Anything else you want to talk about?

I have tremendous respect for Katie and all that she has accomplished.
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