Chris Ward, residing in Golden, Colorado, serves as the Regional Vice President of Colorado for LegalShield. His introduction to Compass Rose International (formerly Global Orphan Prevention) occurred during a social event where he met Katie Hilborn, seeking security support in India. Given his military background and extensive work in India since 2006, Chris felt a connection to the cause. Recognizing the urgency of combating human trafficking, he decided to support the Northstar 2 Freedom Gala, impressed by Katie’s passion for the mission.
In August 2021, Chris visited the Girls INpowerment Center & Dormitory in Nepal with Katie and a videographer, Eric Heiland. The eye-opening experience revealed the lack of financial opportunities and the shocking revelation that friends and family members were trafficking girls. Witnessing the hope in the girls’ eyes fueled Chris’s commitment to Compass Rose International. His philanthropic focus extends to supporting unhoused individuals, especially military veterans, and marginalized communities. Chris envisions a better life for all and hopes his actions contribute to at least one person’s improved life. Encouraging others to donate, he emphasizes that any amount can make a significant impact in a world where these girls are fighting for survival. Chris passionately wishes more people understood that these girls share the same dreams as their counterparts worldwide but face additional challenges, urging others to witness Compass Rose’s impact in Nepal and envision a global reach for their efforts.

What made you decide to give your first gift? Why did you choose to sponsor the Northstar 2 Freedom Gala?

Recognizing the dire need to stop human trafficking in the region, I felt that Katie’s mission was vital to this effort and I could feel how passionate Katie is about this mission.

You recently visited our Girls INpowerment Center & Dormitory in Nepal. Please share about your experience; why did you go? What were the takeaways? Why are you choosing to help the students?

I went with Katie and the videographer, Eric Heiland to Nepal in August of 2021. The experience was unforgettable. For one, just being in the environment and seeing the lack of financial opportunities is eye opening. One of the biggest suprises came when I discovered that friends and even family members were trafficking the girls and that on the back end, young men would marry these girls knowing that they had acquired new clothes, jewelry, and money.

Why do you enjoy giving to Compass Rose International?

Having spoken with the girls and seeing some twinkling of hope in their eyes, I couldn’t imagine that any given day, all those hopes and dreams could be taken away from them.

What is your favorite program/service/etc to donate to?

I particularly like to support our unhoused brothers and sisters and in particular, the military veterans among them. I also support marginalized communities.

What are you most passionate about? Why?

I know that there is a better life for all humans outside of the current systems. We know the answer to poverty, but lack the will to put new systems into place.

What do you hope to accomplish through your philanthropy?

That one other person has a better life because of an action I took.

If you were talking to someone else about giving to Compass Rose International, what would you tell them?

If your heart calls you to help make a better life for these girls, then any amount can make a significant impact. Sometimes your donation means getting a meal or new clothes, or an education. Nothing is too trivial in a world where they are fighting for their survival.

What do you wish everyone knew about this cause?

I wish that everyone knew that these girls have the same hopes and dreams as little girls around the world. They just started at a severe disadvantage and there are monsters that prey on the downtrodden.

Anything else you want to tell us?

Go to Nepal, see the impact that Compass Rose is making in that region of the world and imagine what it would look like if these efforts reached every corner of the globe.

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