MAY 6-9 2022


The Compass Rose Process & Accelerator is an imaginative weekend journey into your subconscious mind. The process helps unlock secrets beyond what we see; and is a self-calibration back to our True North.
  • Dream Journeying

    Using lucid-dreaming-like techniques and guided storytelling into the subconscious mind to receive insights and clarity.

  • Archetypal Play

    Understanding the masks we wear, we become the avatars of our own experience, playing out a sequence through archetypes. With this, chaos becomes balance, and imagination is key.

  • Creating Something
    That Matters

    Finding your purpose to start something that matters; weather asocial enterprise, charity, podcast, TikTok channel, etc

Benefits of Joining our Retreat


decrease in suicidal thoughts, anxiety, &drepression


improvements in feelings of wholeness & belonging


taking active steps to create a better world for themselves & others


increase in ability to source power from within

Pricing (based on occupancy)*

Private: $2,222

Double: $1,666

Triple: $1,444

Bunk Room: $1,111

  • 2 Full Days of Program + Workshops
  • 3 Nights Accommodation
  • Delicious Meals
  • $444 Donation for Daugher’s Retreat
*Inquire about scholarship opportunities


Friday Night

Check into your accommodations, relax and unwind.  This is a good time to reflect on your goals for the retreat.  It is important that you get a good night’s sleep so that you are ready to begin in the morning!

Intention Setting & Releasing Ceremony



Morning Yoga & Meditation


Workshop 1: True North & INpowerment

Integration Activity: Lucid Dreaming

Workshop 2: Archetypes & The Masks We Wear


Workshop 3: Body Health w/ Guest Presenter


Integration Activity: Nature “Walkabout”

Night Ceremony (Lucid Dream Journey, Cacao, Rome Poto, and/or Sananga)


Morning Yoga & Meditation

Workshop 4: Mind Health w/ Kara Flynn

Workshop 5: Spirit Health (Purpose + Ikagai) w/ Katie Hilborn

Integration Activity: Lucid Dreaming

Integration Activity: Nature “walkabout”

Workshop 6: Create Something that Matters

Night Ceremony (Lucid Dream, Cacao, Rome Poto, and/or Sananga)

**You can checkout Sunday evening or stay through Monday morning**


Meditation, Integration, & Checkout

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