13 Ways to Improve your Spiritual Wellness for Teens

Mind, Body, and Spirit, these three elements make the human being whole. When we can find peace and joy in our journeys everyday, then we know we have good spiritual wellness and health. The more we nurture our spiritual knowledge, the better we feel inside and outside.

1. Breathe.

Our breath is one of the free gifts of nature we can bring with us everywhere; we always have it, as long as we are alive. The more we breathe from our stomachs, while freeing our minds, the easier it becomes to be aware of our surroundings, environment, others and our lives. It is also easy to access higher wisdom when we breathe

2. Spend time with nature.

Observing nature is where we experience true magic – when we observe how the flowers blossom, how the raindrops feel on our skin, the tree trunks compared to suckings, and the smell of the soil, we can’t help but see the magnificence on the world and get new perspectives on our circumstances.

3. Invest in spiritual and uplifting books.

Books are a great source of getting knowledge. Almost everything we know comes from the book we have read. Reading spiritual books also contributes to growing your spiritual wellness. Despite the source of the spiritual book you read, that is, A Course in Miracles, Journey of Souls or the Bible, your wisdom and inner peace will grow. Spiritual books teach you how to communicate with your angels, spirit guides, and discover your higher self. You can understand the symbolism the universe shares with you every single day through reading.

4. Write down things you are Grateful for.

Journaling is the best way to solidify our thoughts and revisit them. It is the best way to refocus our negative thoughts to positive ones, boost our self-esteem, help us relax, and find inner peace and joy. When you know what you’re grateful for, it is easier to find more beautiful things.

5. Use angel and or Tarot cards.

According to your spiritual beliefs, you can use these cards whenever you desire some high level guidance in handling issues beyond your control. These cards can also help when dealing with difficult people or circumstances.

6. Pay attention to the hints that the universe gives you.

What would we do without Google, Alexa, and Siri? You can easily type “symbolism of robin” and understand its meaning for ourselves. We can do this with animals, reptiles, insects, numbers, flowers, and anything that crosses our paths everyday.

7. Pray.

Prayer is the key to solving issues that bug our minds. Whatever you believe in, pray to it. Prayer is how we connect with God and maintain our spirituality. The purpose of prayer is to build a relationship with God/ our Higher Power. We can’t just continually ask for things without giving thanks for what we already have. How many times have you felt completely lost, prayed and then felt immense relief? Our prayers are always answered when the time is due for our own good and if we are willing to be patient.

8. Meditate.

Our solutions are loud when our voice is silent. Meditation is how we are able to hear the answers to our prayers. Simply take deep breaths when you begin your meditation exercise, be quiet and free your mind of all your problems. We can receive wisdom and even connect with the spirits we knew on Earth through meditation. If we continue practicing, we will get better with our meditation and we will gain the perspectives we need to feel at peace.

9. Take a Reiki course.

Reiki practitioners allow universal healing energy to come through their hands and help others heal. When we receive Reiki, we can obtain the guidance we need to move forward in our lives, change an unhealthy belief, see our lives more positively or become centered in our power. This practice has improved our energy and reduced our stress and pain for thousands of years.

10. Discover your personal scent.

The healing capabilities and high concentration of life force found in flower essences adjusts the consciousness and the karma (the unresolved traumas and conflicts from past lives) that creates imbalance in our bodies and minds. I learned from Laurie Stewart how to create these amazing customized elixirs.

11. Use essential oils and scented candles.

Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier and reach a deeper level within ourselves when we breathe it in. Each essential oil has a complex and unique scent that triggers emotions and memories by activating regions in the brain’s limbic system, which can assist individuals in clearing their emotional blocks and rediscovering peace and joy. Burning scented candles and candle melts regulate your body, relieves stress and stabilizes your brain.

12. Use crystals and gems.

Crystals and gems contain a lot of healing and calming energies and these are sent to areas of the body that need it most. Quartz crystals, for example, can unblock the chakras, remove any imbalances or negativity, enhance meditation and increase an individual’s connection to spirit. Invest in some pink Himalayan salt lamps, crystals and gems to regulate your energies.

13. Let Love Lead.

Peace, Joy, and Love, this is the mantra of many people. The first step to loving our surroundings is loving ourselves. If you love yourself, that is the only way we can show unconditional love to others and can see the beauty in our circumstances. The more we focus on spiritual wellness and health, the more love we will feel coursing through our veins. Developing our spiritual health will help us connect with our body, soul, and our surroundings.

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