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Compass Rose™ School Accelerators

An imaginative 6-week journey into your subconscious mind. The process helps unlock secrets beyond what we see; and is a self-calibration back to our True North.

Compass Rose™ Retreats

A weekend long retreat accompanied by a week-long camp.

Compass Rose™ Start-up Accelerators for Budding Entrepreneurs

An six week after school program designed to help… 

“When we started Compass Rose, I was just tired and mostly focused on getting by. How I've changed is that I started checking in with my health, both physical and mental. I now make sure that what I am doing is working for me.”
-Laura A, 14 yrs
"My daughter doesn’t normally want to join this kind of stuff, but it’s cool for her to expand. I've noticed she's more self-aware, and getting in more touch with her feelings. She uses the word "self-advocacy" frequently, and approached us recently to discuss an irrational fear. She asked, 'if I don’t make enough money, and have a big career, am I going to disappoint you?' We worked through it right on the spot."
J.P. Flaum,
"We are currently in a mental health crisis and the Compass Rose Curriculum addresses our youth's needs. We have to teach them the social & emotional skills to sustain wellness throughout their life, while connecting them to an adult mentor. Compass Rose does that and it's the foundation that helps them with resiliency, from adolescence into adulthood."
Dr. Jenna Glover,
Director of Psychology Training Children's Hospital Colorado

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