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Announcing the Merging of Global Orphan Prevention to Compass Rose International

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey of compassion and change. After much reflection, consideration, and consultation with our supporters and partners, Global Orphan Prevention is excited to introduce our new identity: Compass Rose International. This rebranding marks a transformative moment in our organization’s history and reflects our commitment to expanding our impact worldwide. In 2011, we originated from efforts to combat orphan trafficking and child sex trafficking in Nepal. Since then, we’ve grown to support girls globally, tailoring our strategies to distinct cultural needs. Different cultures present different sets of challenges; so we need girls where they are at.

In Nepal, child trafficking is rampant within the region we operate. 12,000 Nepalis, mostly women and children, are sold to Indian brothels every year.

  • Our education center and dormitory was designed to stop this through physical protection, equal access to education, and economic opportunities to strengthen the girls and their communities.

In Denver, our sister city, it’s about mental health and resiliency. There is no harder time in recent history to be a teen than it is right now. We are currently in a state of emergency for pediatric mental health declared by Children’s Hospital Colorado in May 2021, and it’s still going on..

  • Teen suicide has doubled in the last decade and,
  • 44% percent of girls in Denver feel persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness

Our Denver Retreats help build skills to improve girls’ emotional and mental health and become productive members of society.

Our curriculum was endorsed by PhDs from Children’s Hospital and has shown a 75% reduction in suicidal thoughts and anxiety, and an 85% increase in the ability to care for oneself socially and emotionally.

Through these dual efforts, locally and abroad, Compass Rose International gives young women tools to find internal wisdom, build confidence through accomplishments, and provides real-life business skills to build autonomy, resilience, and independence.


A Compass Rose embodies a sailing & nautical concept, signifying the calibration of a compass, aligning it from magnetic north to the unwavering true north. In much the same way, humans possess an innate magnetic quality, yet at times, our internal compass can falter. We may find ourselves grappling with fear, isolation, or a profound sense of disorientation in life, where things appear to unfold against us.

What we occasionally overlook is the profound reservoir of strength within us, housing all the answers we need, a treasure trove of wisdom dormant within. Along the journey, due to societal conditioning and external influences, we may have strayed from our authentic course. A Compass Rose encapsulates the profound process of recalibrating ourselves to rediscover our True North, a path not external but profoundly internal. This rediscovery occurs as we delve within ourselves and find alignment with our true essence, fostering a powerful sense of INpowerment.

The Compass Rose curriculum teaches young women, whether in Nepal or Denver, how to recalibrate their internal compass. No matter where they are or what stage in life, they have a box of tools they can pull from when needed, leaving them feeling confident, balanced, and ready to create their dreams.

The Offering:​

In Denver, we are dedicated to empowering young women to build strong relationships, become confident leaders, and achieve their dreams. Through a combination of workshops, accelerators, scholarships, internships, and job placement support, we provide the tools and opportunities needed for young women to succeed.

Retreats for Young Women:​

Our retreats are designed to create a safe and supportive environment for young women to foster meaningful relationships, develop leadership skills, and gain the confidence to pursue their dreams. Through a holistic approach that focuses on mind-body-emotion connection, participants are equipped with the tools they need to thrive.

Workshops & Accelerators:

Our startup accelerators and workshops lay the foundation for personal and professional growth. Participants learn essential skills, including leadership, effective communication, and discovering their purpose. These programs prepare them to start endeavors that truly matter.


We are committed to supporting our students on their educational journey. Compass Rose International offers scholarship opportunities and guides young women through the application process. Our unique “In-Powered Living” scholarships provide an easy path to financial support for those aged 25 or younger in Denver, without the burden of essays, GPA requirements, or recommendations.

Internships & Job Placement:

We collaborate with schools to secure meaningful internship placements that align with our participants’ career goals. Beyond internships, we actively engage with potential employers in chosen career fields to facilitate job placements for our graduates, ensuring a smooth transition into the workforce.

How to Get Started:

Are you a young woman living in Denver who is eager to unlock your potential and explore new opportunities? Join Compass Rose International, where you can:

  • Participate in our retreats to connect with like-minded individuals and build valuable relationships.
  • Enroll in our workshops and accelerators to equip yourself with leadership and life skills.
  • Apply for our scholarships and ease the financial burden of education.
  • Secure internships that align with your career aspirations.
  • Access job placement assistance for a seamless transition into your chosen field.

Compass Rose International is here to guide and support you on your journey to becoming a confident leader who can achieve her dreams. Join us today, and let’s navigate the path to success together!

In Nepal, Compass Rose International’s School Program in the Nepali Himalayas is a commendable initiative that addresses the critical issue of education and safety for girls at risk of child sex trafficking and orphan trafficking. Located in the remote and challenging terrain of the Nepali Himalayas, this program is a beacon of hope for those who have limited access to education and face severe vulnerabilities.

The cornerstone of this program is the
dormitory and learning center, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring that girls residing more than an hour’s trek away from school can receive an education in a safe and nurturing environment. This is a crucial step towards breaking the cycle of poverty and preventing girls from becoming victims of child trafficking. The community’s recognition of the importance of a dormitory in ensuring girls’ access to education underscores the program’s relevance and impact.

Compass Rose International’s School Program not only offers education but also
nurtures a supportive and protective environment for at-risk girls. It breaks down the barriers that often prevent them from accessing quality education, making a significant contribution to their personal growth and development. By investing in the education and safety of these girls, this program is playing a vital role in breaking the cycle of poverty and preventing child trafficking, offering a brighter and more secure future for the young girls of the Nepali Himalayas.

Join Us on This New Journey​

As Compass Rose International, we are excited about the future and the opportunities to make an even greater impact on the lives of vulnerable children and families worldwide. We invite you, our dedicated supporters and partners, to join us on this exciting new journey. Together, we can help children find the safe harbor of family, love, and opportunity. Thank you for your unwavering support, and we look forward to charting a new course towards a brighter future as Compass Rose International.

With gratitude and optimism,

Katie Hilborn

Founder & Executive Director
Compass Rose International

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