Brian Johnson

July 4, 2021 | tagteamdesign

Now retired from corporate life, Brian brings over 37 years of CEO, COO and CFO experience across multiple industries, with an extensive background in guiding companies through challenging periods of growth and change. He was instrumental in the $150 million sale of Alert Centre to ADT Security, the $6.5 billion sale of ADT to Tyco International, and the $75 million sale of Coherent Technologies to Lockheed Martin. Brian offers wide-ranging experience in corporate governance, having served on the boards of nine privately and publicly-traded corporations and several non-profit organizations, including RAFT Colorado (Resource Area for Teachers), Forward Steps and Boulder County Hospice. An “inactive” attorney and CPA, Brian is driven by a passionate belief in a “full spectrum” leadership model that promotes shaping the future, building effective relationships, energizing teams, delivering results, and modeling personal excellence, integrity and accountability. He recently joined our board with a passionate belief in its mission and strong confidence in its leadership.



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