Faith Lee, B.A.

July 26, 2021 | tagteamdesign

Faith has experience in developing leaders through coaching and is currently the Connection Team Leader at Brave Life Venture empowering young adults. She is a graduate of Landmark Worldwide’s Curriculum for Living, programs that report a 94% positive and permanent shift in the quality of life of graduates.

She received an English degree from DePauw University and worked as a Communication Manager for the Human Universal Health Institute, a holistic wellness clinic and dental office. Faith is with Compass Rose because she believes in the power of mentorship in her own life and is now giving back by helping others see their own magic, strength, worth, and capabilities. She enjoys human connection, building relationships, writing poetry, workshop facilitation, social and racial justice, yoga, and nature.



19 Oct - Emotional Health INpowerment Mind Health Spirit Health

13 Ways to Improve your Spiritual Wellness for Teens

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s all too easy to become fragmented, detached, and overwhelmed. The demands of work, family, and daily responsibilities can leave us feeling […]


1 Feb - Body Health

Easy ways to stay Healthy

Making changes to your way of life should not be extreme and difficult. Making little changes will eventually show results over time. Being in a good healthy condition is more […]


4 Feb - Body Health Emotional Health Mind Health

Dangers of Sleep Deprivation In Teens

Almost everyone knows how our days drag on when we haven’t gotten sufficient rest. Absence of rest can make us have a short attention span, grumpy, lack focus, and be […]


1 Feb - Coaching Mind Health Resources Scholarships + Internships

7 Reasons to Complete an Internship

I’ve been working with students for 10 years and have noticed a trend amongst the most confident and successful high school graduates with regard to being college and career-ready. They […]


18 Oct - Body Health Mind Health Spirit Health Workshops

How Travel after High School Can Help Shape Your Future

As the impending culmination of high school education approaches, the expansive realm of uncertainty regarding the next chapter in life looms large, casting a shadow over the minds of many […]


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